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    Mann Inc. - Lucky Pencil 1.1mm

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      SKU: ZRP-2227K
      Mann Inc. - Lucky Pencil 1.1mm

      MSRP: $62.63


      The latest Exclusive from Mann Inc was designed by Richard and Kim's eight year old son Thomas Mann. He came up with the idea and drew it on paper for this great design. 150 Limited Edition Pencils are now on sale complementing the 350 Limited Edition Rollerballs of the same design that went on sale on the 13th of May.

      "I wanted to design a real Retro 51 pen, art is one of my favourite subjects at school, I always like chatting to Richard Koehler about the recent designs and have been thinking hard about what would look good. I am delighted Retro 51 liked this design and feel very proud it has been made into a real pen and pencil.  I love nature and animals and thought it would be fun to have a design that could support a local wildlife charity and encourage pen collectors to make a insect hotel. A ladybird (ladybug) has a simple but fun pattern, I love the way it looks on a pen and pencil and hope the Retro 51 collectors will enjoy my idea." - Thomas Mann 

       *Note: Price shown subject to change based on daily UK sterling pound to US dollar conversion rate.