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    Goldspot - Autumn Leaves

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      SKU: ZRR-2233K
      Goldspot - Autumn Leaves

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      Wander. Roam. Take in the beauty of the changing world. Each autumn, nature puts on a show for all to see. In the United States, September marks the beginning when foliage begins to turn from its verdant complexion to yellows, oranges, and reds. 

      In collaboration with Retro 51 and graphic artist Tracy Marsaioli, Goldspot Pens presents a limited edition pen that embraces autumn's glorious metamorphosis. Titled "Autumn Leaves," this pen shines with polished, copper-plated leaves set against a matte eggplant backdrop. Warm copper appointments, clip, and knurled twist top complete the cozy look of this rollerball pen.

      For those who venture to see the fall foliage, New England is one of the prime spots for leaf-peeping. Take a drive through 526 miles of Route 1 in Maine to see nature's spectacular show on full display. Bring a little fall vibe wherever you roam with the Autumn Leaves Tornado rollerball pen - limited to 526 pieces worldwide. The edition number is tastefully engraved on the top ring above the clip. An illustration of a single leaf adorns the top disc.

      We hope that the Autumn Leaves pen will be as much a fixture of fall as a pumpkin spice latte, flannel, and apple picking.