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    Mann Inc. - Mosquito

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      SKU: ZRR-2248K
      Mann Inc. - Mosquito

      MSRP: $80.19


      "Mann Inc and Retro 1951 have allied to bring you our newest exclusive, the Mosquito. A tribute to the de Havilland Mosquito, a British Fighter Bomber that served with the US Army Air Force. This Mk 16 photo reconnaissance version flew at altitudes of up to 37500' speeds of 415 MPH and had a range of over 2450 nautical miles. It was powered by two Rolls Royce Merlin 72, 73 or 76 engines with a pair of two-stage superchargers. Truly stunning performance which could fly higher and faster than enemy fighters at the time.

      This Retro51 Tornado is a retractable rollerball pen with 2 tone-trim, the trademarked knurled twist-top in red and nose cone in dark blue. The Mosquito, Reg NS519, has authentic WWII photo reconnaissance markings and features acid-etching and printing to recreate plane panels, exhausts, and squadron markings. Each pen's top disc features the "P" photo reconnaissance marking. 

      This limited edition of 551 will stand out in your Retro51 collection.
      Three options are available: the Collectors Edition, the Notebook Edition and the Standard Edition.

      *Note: Price shown subject to change based on daily UK sterling pound to US dollar conversion rate.