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    Smithsonian - Panda

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      Smithsonian - Panda

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      “The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute will celebrate 50 years of unprecedented achievement in the care, conservation, breeding and study of giant pandas. Over the past five decades, the Zoo’s bears have become international icons, beloved both for their adorable antics and their ability to bring colleagues from the United States and China together to collaborate for a common goal: saving the species from extinction.”

      This Smithsonian collection pen by Retro51 not only writes with the dreamy rollerball refill, but it also has multiple charming pandas printed on the lightly textured barrel. Each Tornado is complete with antique silver accents, individually numbered top ring and the Smithsonian sun logo on the finial. Add The National Zoo Panda pen to your collection or wrap it up as a gift for family and friends, they’re sure to bring smiles for years to come.
      You can watch the The National Zoo Panda's Live Cam here!