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Mann Inc. - Spitfire Fountain Pen


Mann Inc. is back with a new Tornado Exclusive, the Spitfire Mk IX Fountain pen. Five years ago they released their first Retro51 exclusive Spitfire rollerball for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy, when Allied forces landed on the heavily fortified beaches of France. Next year marks the 80th anniversary of this invasion, one of the largest amphibious and aerial operations in history, utilizing the Spitfire for aerial support.

The Spitfire fountain pen comes in custom packaging, designed to hold your limited edition fountain pen. A matching numbered dog tag made from cartridge brass and a 5ml bottle of exclusive Merlin blue ink with an ink converter comes in the special magnetic closure box. This is a limited edition of only 250 fountain pens

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Details & Specifications:

• Authentic WWII fighter markings, acid-etched panel, rivet and exhaust details
• Includes 5ml bottle of Merlin Blue ink and Dog Tag made from cartridge brass
• Limited Edition of only 250.
• Antique Pewter Accents
• Tail marking on Top disc
• Jowo #6 size stainless steel nib
• Converter included
• Packaged in Exclusive Spitfire 5th anniversary packaging
• Pen Length (capped): 5.4 in. / 137 mm
• Pen Length (uncapped): 4.96 in. / 125.9 mm
• Pen Diameter: 0.5 in. / 13 mm
• Pen Weight: 1.2 oz. / 34 g

Retailer Exclusive

Retailer exclusives refer to special editions or variations of writing instruments that are created exclusively for specific retailers or dealers.

These pens are typically designed in collaboration with the retailer/dealer to create unique and limited-edition, or numbered edition, offerings that are not available through other channels -only available directly through the respective retailer.

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