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Expert craftsmanship with genuine leather

What Exactly Is It?

The PULARYS brand was born out of a passion for leather goods. It is a nod to a Polish family tradition based on working with leather. When the Pularys family business was founded, the word 'pularys' was in common use and people called their wallets just that. Based on the knowledge of their ancestors, they have created a new chapter of their history.

90 years of craftsmanship

90 years of craftsmanship

Pularys has almost 100 years of experience producing leather goods since the 1930s, and continues the family tradition now in its fourth generation. In the early 90s they decided to focus on leather wallets. The thought of producing high-quality wallets for everyday use that accompany everyone everywhere was and is very enjoyable and motivating up to this day. Their expert craftsmanship combined with modern essentials makes Pularys wallets an element of life, as necessary today as a smartphone.

Modern production methods allow them to achieve maximum effect with a minimum of materials used. The Pularys wallet is small, but surprisingly spacious - it does not overwhelm with its presence. It does not take up space in a briefcase, handbag or pocket. It is at your fingertips - always functional.

Thanks to RFID-blocking technology, which protects against unauthorized scanning of cards, it uncompromisingly safeguards sensitive data and money.

More than just a wallet

More than just a wallet

Pularys wallets are made of high-quality materials. However, they always value that the most crucial factor in the process of producing wallets — the people with their craftsmanship and experience.

The careful hand-finishing of the products and attention to detail give the Pularys wallets their own character and soul. They are much more than just wallets, which is why their hope is to have them in good hands - your hands.

Retro51 & Pularys share a common passion for creating elegant, practical and innovative products. It simply made sense that we became a distributor of such an esteem brand.

Retro51® is proud to be the U.S. distributor for Pularys

The quality of hand-crafted products

The quality of hand-crafted products

Pularys wallets are made from genuine top-grade natural leather, creating a combination of modern aesthetics, optimal functionality, and high quality. They provide all the necessary features for your daily life, such as quick access to cards, cash, and coins.

Each wallet is finely detailed using traditional techniques, such as waxing and burnishing, as well as advanced technologies, including computerised stitching. This ensures that each wallet has a unique and modern look, along with the qualities and features that guarantee a long-lasting product.

Having the skills and ideas, they have developed their own technology and procedures for the production of Pularys wallets. Every item offered is manufactured exclusively by the crafts-people at Pularys.

They are constantly looking for innovative ways of solving problems and challenges and very often come up with a solution that’s different from what’s already on the market. These smart solutions and the usage of materials have become their trademarks, which they are very proud of and excited about. Therefore the majority of the Pularys designs are registered and copyright protected.

Features can include:

Banknote pocket  |  Coin pocket  | Multi-Card holder | RFID protection
Card ejection mechanism |  Snap fastener  | AirTag holder

(*features can vary across different models or styles)



Vegetable-tanned Nomad leather is the highest quality full-grain pull-up leather. It has been soaked in a special oil so that the wallet acquires a patina over time. It brightens up in the folds, is easily scratched and gently rubbed off, acquiring the noble look of vintage leather. However, it is possible to restore the original appearance of the leather by polishing it.

Italia leather is a modern full grain leather with a semi-matte finish, available in a wide range of vibrant colors. The surface of the leather has been treated with colored dye, which ensures that the structure of the leather and the natural growth marks are still visible on the finished product. Tanned using a semi-plant method, Italia is exceptionally soft and pleasant to the touch, yet strong and durable. In addition, the leather has been treated with a hydrophobic varnish, making it resistant to dirt.

The Original Legendary Vintage Saddle Leather is a material that has been used for centuries in the manufacture of high-end saddles. It is tanned using vegetable substances and gains its water-repellent properties from the use of hot wax, which, by penetrating its structure, protects the leather from water while retaining its elasticity. Over time and with use, the appearance of the leather changes - it gets scratched, its color changes shade in the folds and takes on a noble, natural patina.

Hunter leather is a durable pull-up leather. Its surface has been polished, soaked in a special oil and finally coated with wax. All this allows the wallet to age beautifully, achieving the natural look of used leather.

Find the one that best fits your style!

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