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Experience the Heart of Fandom: Join Us at San Diego Comic Con 2023!

Experience the Heart of Fandom: Join Us at San Diego Comic Con 2023!

Hey there, fellow fans and enthusiasts of all things cool! Get ready for the most thrilling ride of the year: San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). As a fellow comic book fan and self-proclaimed nerd, I am beyond excited to share that I, with the Retro 1951 team, will be at SDCC — an event that has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to go to! And guess what? We will be joining forces with our cool friends at Okkto, a go-to for all things pop culture and collectibles. Together, we will be co-hosting a booth to showcase all of the cool things we’re offering! We're gearing up to make this Comic Con experience one for the books!

Expanding Horizons, One Convention at a Time:

For us at Retro 51, attending Comic Con is about more than just being there. It's an opportunity to connect with the vibrant community that makes this event so special and to expand our knowledge in the ever-evolving world of pens, collectibles, and pop culture. We're a team of passionate individuals who thrive on embracing our shared love for all things writing, with hints of geeky. For Retro 1951, Comic Con represents the perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between the worlds of pens, collectibles, and the rich tapestry of pop culture. 

Comic Con: Where Artists and Fans Collide:

Comic Con is more than just a convention — it's a space where artists, creators, and fans come together to celebrate their shared passions. It's a place where comic book pages come alive, superheroes walk among us, and the lines between reality and fiction blend together. We're thrilled to be part of this collision, where imagination runs wild and storytelling takes center stage.

Our Booth, Your Adventure:

Picture this: You step into our shared Retro 1951 and Okkto booth, and instantly, you're transported to a new world ready for discovery. It's a crafted space where the worlds of pens and collectibles mash up. Our teams of knowledgeable pen enthusiasts and nerds will be there, ready to guide you through that captivating journey of discovery.  We'll proudly have to offer The Rocketeer™ pens, paying homage to the beloved character and his high-flying adventures, alongside our wide selection of Retro 1951's Tornado™ best sellers and newest releases. I, and the rest of the Retro51 team, want to ensure there's a pen for everyone! Now, Okkto will continue to offer many high-quality collectibles that capture the essence of favorite characters and franchises.

From our exquisite Tornado writing instruments to Okkto's range of collectibles, you're in for an adventure that will make your fandom-loving heart skip a beat.

A Universe of Possibilities:

Comic Con is not just a place to meet your favorite characters; it's where endless possibilities come to life. For Retro 51, it means exploring collaborations that merge our interests in pens, collectibles, comics, movies, and beloved franchises. It opens up opportunities for limited editions, unique crossover items, and engaging experiences that celebrate the magic of pop culture. 

As a fellow fan and nerd, I'm thrilled to be part of the Retro 1951 team attending SDCC with the Okkto team. This opportunity is a dream come true, and I'm overflowing with excitement! I cannot wait to expand our pop culture, connect with fans like you, and create a memorable experience that celebrates our shared passions. So grab your gear and join us at booth #2647 for an epic adventure at Comic Con. Retro 51 is ready to make waves, and we can't wait to share it with you — Come and say hi!

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